What you need to know

Our website design is geared towards attracting visitors and then educating, inspiring, and converting them as your long-term customers. If your website is not engaging and interactive enough to attract visitors, it is not going to get you the results you are looking for. So, we at Web Glamic designs start the custom web development process by looking at aspects that are generally neglected by other designers. The set of questions that we start with are:


  • Who are all your target customers?
  • Who are all your competitors?
  • What products/services are you offering?
  • What problem does your product/service solve?
  • Why should anybody choose your product/service?

We do a thorough analysis and get a clear understanding of your specific needs before laying out a strategic custom web development plan for you. This enables us to create a personalized design with the right ingredients and essential elements to make your website more appealing as well as engaging. We craft your website with the goal of making your target audience feel compelled to engage with you. As a custom web development company in kenya, we know what it takes to ensure a compelling web presence and a perfect experience for users.

Our most focus on web design & development are:

Compelling Content

Professionally written, relevant, and useful content is what customers are looking for. They will want to know more about the company that provides this kind of content to them. Our content team has an uncanny ability to create simple and straightforward content that your target audience will find to be very engaging.


When it comes to custom web development, simplicity is the key. To achieve this, our expert and experienced web designers organize the information available on each and every page on your website in a proper manner. Similar information available on each page will be grouped together so that navigation bar links required are restricted to the barest minimum. In addition, understandable labels will be used so that jargon can be avoided.

Aesthetic Design

We always make sure that the design of your website is aesthetically pleasing to the visitors. We make use of colours that complement each other. We also incorporate some neutral colours to highlight the main picture, banner, or logo to the visitor. This further adds to the appeal of your website. Flash animation and transitions will be added as per requirement to give a boost to the appeal factor. We also make sure that the fonts used are very readable.